Veteran healthcare benefits that all vets should take advantage of

Healthcare benefits for veterans are essential. This is especially true after they are discharged from a hospital stay. With more than 9 million veterans enrolled in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare program, it is important that all of them are aware of the extensive number of benefits available to them.  

As a veteran, you’ll want to take advantage of every benefit available in order to get the most out of your healthcare plan and get all the medical help you need, possibly before you even need it.

Keep in mind that your eligibility for healthcare benefits is based on:

  • Discharge status.
  • Amount of time on active duty.
  • Service-connected disability.

4 veteran healthcare benefits that you should be aware of

There’s a long list of benefits that veterans can get for both themselves and their families that go beyond coverage of doctor visits and medications. There are even some that might surprise you.

In addition to coverage for medical care, prescription drugs, and durable medical equipment (prosthetics, eyeglasses, etc.), here are four more essential benefits:

  • Monthly disability payments — Veterans who have an injury or physical or mental illness from their time in active duty or training may be eligible for monthly compensation. 
  • Preventive care — It’s important to stop an issue before it starts. The VA will cover expenses for prevention screening for substance use and mental health issues like depression. There are also multiple physical healthcare preventive services offered by the VA. These can be found here: National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Home (
  • Health education — It’s not always easy to know the proper diet needed to stay healthy. Veterans can receive nutrition counseling services that can guide them.
  • Travel reimbursement — Transportation isn’t free, but it’s important that you attend all of your health-related appointments. The VA offers travel pay reimbursement for eligible veterans and their caregivers.

Valor Healthcare can help veterans with the many healthcare benefits that they’re eligible for

Valor Healthcare is a veteran-founded healthcare organization. We aim to provide whole healthcare services to veterans and other patriots. We are the largest contracted provider of outpatient healthcare services for veterans and take pride in delivering world-class services. We were one of the first community-based outpatient clinics to be accredited for ambulatory care by the Joint Commission and continue to focus on quality across all our lines of business. 

Valor Healthcare is a team made up of veterans and leading clinicians. We are passionate about making resources available to those who have served our country. Valor was first established in 2004, when an Army veteran and a Navy veteran joined together to create something they both believed in — good-quality outpatient care for veterans. 

If you’re a veteran and want to know more about benefits you’re eligible for, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for guidance. Valor Healthcare partners with public and private medical clinics to bring high-quality healthcare to American veterans. If you are a healthcare professional, you can partner with us to give your patients access to data-driven, 21st-century care.